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Other Dune Buggy's

Bruce Meyers started the whole Dune Buggy craze with the original Meyers Manx Buggy.  On this page you will find a few pictures of some great looking buggy's.


ThankU.jpg (12462 bytes)

bob-y-1.jpg (28218 bytes)       Bruce and Bob.jpg (18190 bytes)

Bruce Meyers (MR. Manx) and Bob Yahn  stand beside their Original Manx Buggy's

BOB's Behind   bobs behind.jpg (21952 bytes)

Bob Yahn's awesome Meyers Manx Street Buggy.

Bob is the original owner/builder of this Buggy.   It is an original BF Meyers Manx.  Bob built this car in the late 60's and has owned it ever since.  It still has the original Emerald Green Gelcoat that has a mirror like shine.  The Buggy is powered by a chromed up Corvair engine.  The windshield and roll bar were lowered when Bob built the car about 30 years ago.  In fact nothing has been changed on the car since it was built, even the flowered pattern seats and full top are the original!  If you like this car, you can let Bob know by email .....  Robertyahn@cox.net 

billw1.jpg (50081 bytes)  billw2.jpg (44473 bytes)  Bill Ward's super clean & original 1967 Manx Buggy.  Bill is from Chicago IL.   The buggy has original American Racing Wheels, and with Micky Thompson Super Sport Tires.  Bills buggy only has 31,000 miles on the odo.   Looks Great!!!

tom_s1.jpg (28537 bytes)  This awesome Manx buggy belongs to Tom Szwajkos of California.  You have to see this buggy in person, as the pictues don't due it justice.  It is Corvette Red, set up for the street and FAST!  Powered by a turbo charged Corvair 6 cylinder engine.  It has "Weld" aluminum wheels, BFG radial T/A's, and Porsche seats.

oldred1.jpg (16207 bytes)  This is the very 1st fiberglass dunebuggyOld red #1, Bruce Meyers first buggy!!

spittler1.jpg (43495 bytes)  spittler3.jpg (42187 bytes)  spittler4.jpg (49558 bytes)   Here is another super clean Manx buggy owned by Joe Spittler, Illinois.  The 2nd and 3rd pictures were taken in Baja with the Manx Club.   Great looking photo's!!  Thanks, Joe

In the late 60's and early 70's the fiberglass buggy craze was at its strong point.  While Bruce Meyers started it all with his "Manx" buggy, there were many other buggy manufactures that followed Bruce.  Some came up with their own style of the buggy, while others made a copy by creating a mold from a Manx body.  People sometimes refer to these as a "Manx Type" buggy.

Here are more Buggy pictures, send me yours I will try to include it here.

Click on Images to enlarge!

garys1.jpg (34404 bytes)  This nice looking buggy belongs to Gary Schmiedecke.  Nice looking buggy, it is a "Boss Bug" from Perfect Plastics.

earl4.jpg (69593 bytes)  earl6.jpg (80158 bytes)  earl3.jpg (71983 bytes)    This great looking yellow buggy belongs to  Earl Dugdale in Prince George, B.C. Canada.  It has a 1600cc engine.  Looks like Earl has done a great job on this buggy.

tom-L.jpg (32615 bytes)  This is a Citation Buggy, owned by Tom Lewis in Shelby, Ohio.  Tom is also an SR fan!

chris-m1.jpg (43005 bytes)  Chris McCallum's buggy from the Central Coast of NSW Australia.  It is a "JNS" long wheel base buggy.   Nice looking photo & buggy!!

jim_harris1.jpg (31408 bytes)  This unique buggy belongs to Jim Harris in Oregon. 

rob-r-1.jpg (15089 bytes)  Rob Rukauf's Good looking Red buggy!

Steven1.jpg (12966 bytes)  Steven2.jpg (14075 bytes)  Steven Stull - Boynton Beach, Florida.  Nice  blue buggy!

lee-buggy.jpg (14221 bytes)  Lee Nemnich - San Bernardino,CA.  Great Looking Manx style, w/Flames!!

If you own a Manx product or any kind of fiberglass Dune Buggy, and would like to read more about them, or even join the "Manx Dune Buggy Club" you can visit their web site at www.manxclub.com.