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Manx SR Brochure

The information below was taken directly from an Original BF Meyers Manx SR Brochure (1970)

    Now, the ultimate in road-going fun cars.  Imagine the economy, compactness and maneuverability of the original famous Meyers Manx sports buggy combined with the sophisticated sleekness of European Gran Turismo styling.  Well, that's the new Meyers Manx SR.  It looks expensive, but not expensive to build.  It's practical to own because weather protection (and all government safety code provisions) has been designed in so the car may be used year-round.  Luggage space is provided in front under the hood , and inside, behind the seats.  It's a custom sports car, at less than economy car prices.
    The Meyers Manx SR is a do-it-yourself car, designed so that the average home craftsman can put it together with a minimum of effort and without problems.   Kits contain complete instructions for assembly and patterns or templates where needed.  Kits are complementary, they are structured to help the builder progress logically and rapidly toward completion, by offering him a group by group assembly.   He can go from basic body kit and assembly completion group, then add wiring, side curtain and accessory kits when his body-chassis construction stage has been completed.   Thus, total costs may be spread over a longer period.

The basic Meyers Manx SR body kit contains 13 precision-molded fiberglass components, finished and trimmed and ready for assembly.   These components have a high-luster finish color impregnated into their surfaces, so that the assembler of the kit has no painting to do.  The body components are so designed as to interlock in assembly to form a solid, tough shell.  This shell mounts positively to the selected chassis to create a tight rattle and noise-resistant unit.
    Hardware may be purchased as a complete, separate package.  The outer body is available in a choice of seven exciting standard colors, the Targa-roof and interior are finished in modish black pebble-grain vinyl texture.

The Meyers Manx SR requires a Volkswagen chassis shortened by 14 1/4  inches to an overall wheelbase of 80 inches, or it can use any one of several proprietary chassis now on the market for use on dune buggies.  Most current VW-based dune buggies (including the Meyers Manx and Manx 2) may be converted easily to Manx SR so long as their chassis meets the length requirement.  Any year VW "Beetle" chassis is suitable (but not those from Karmann-Ghias, VW Fastbacks or Squarebacks, Porsches or VW Buses).  Shortening is easily accomplished, either by the home craftsman or any body shop.  The shortening is a simple cut-and-weld operation and full instructions are supplied with each Manx SR body kit.  Many VW items are incorporated into the SR design, so that extra hardware parts are easy to acquire.  The VW fuel tank, for instance, is used without modifications, being only rotated 180 degrees from its original mounting position in the chassis.  The 1968 and later VW Beattle gas tanks with remote filler can be used in the original position with minor modifications, allowing the standard VW fuel gauge to be used, too.

The Manx SR performs exceptionally well on a stock 40 horsepower Volkswagen engine because of its streamlining and light weight.   However, the engine compartment can house virtually any of the known current conversions - such as the Crown Corvair, the Ford V-4 and of course Porsches of any size and shape.  Mildly warm up a VW engine to 75-80 HP and the SR will have a top speed of 100 mph, so overall performance can really be improved with any of the mentioned conversions.  When the Ford V-4 or other liquid-cooled engine is used, a radiator may be mounted in the rear, in the engine compartment

    The roof section of the Manx SR is in two sections, a removable sunroof portion over the cockpit for a convertible effect, and the fixed, non-removable portion behind the seats.  The rear window mounts in the fixed structure.  A choice of soft or hard removable sunroof panels is offered as an option.  The Targa top components are finished in black, simulated grained vinyl.

    The Manx SR windshield is framed by a formed aluminum extrusion which is given a modish black-anodized finish to coordinate it with the Targa top.  The windshield kit is complete with safety glass, sealing gasket and necessary fasteners.   Windshield wipers (not supplied) are standard VW items.  Beetle motor and mechanism with bus arms and blades.

    The rear window is included in the Manx SR hardware kit, so that it may be installed properly during the construction period.  The windshield, which may be added later in construction, is in a separate kit.  Side curtains are offered as an optional extra, to fully enclose the car for use in inclement weather.

    Upholstering of the Manx SR interior is not necessary because it is pre-finished in a black pebble-grained texture.  The floor carpeting is recommended however, to cover the bare metal floor and enhance the elegance of the finished vehicle.   Because of the SR's low profile, it cannot accommodate the original VW seats without considerable modification to their height.  Better looking, and superior in lateral support, are the special Manx SR seats offered as accessories.  These true bucket seats require only a slide-on installation as they utilize the original VW seat track, and are specially designed for the low seating position required for the Manx SR.   The Manx SR Instrumentation Group is recommended, though panel space is provided for any combination of accessory gauges and switches.  There is plenty of space, too, for the mounting of radio and /or tape-playing equipment.

    The doors for the Manx SR are unique in several ways, the main one being that they open vertically rather than horizontally.  Patented hinge/springs at the forward point of the door hold them aloft for easy driver/passenger entrance or exit, yet allow them to be easily pulled down and latched.  Inner and outer door panels are included in the basic body kit, the hinge/springs are in the assembly completion kit.   The latching mechanisms are assembled from standard Volkswagen hood latches.

    The front hood mounts the headlights and hinges at its lower front lateral edge.  This eliminates accidental opening at speed and allows it to open widely for access to fuel tank and storage area.  The hinge is a simple piano type, and the recommended hold-downs are racing type hood pins.  Both hinge and pins are included in the hardware kit.  The rear deck cleverly needs no hinges and holds itself open when lifted up.  It is retained in position by common VW seat hold-backs which are included in the hardware kit.

    Kits for the installation of fully legal lighting are available for the Manx SR.  Also available is a special wiring loom for this car which greatly simplifies the task of re-wiring and providing for the additional lighting.  The legal lighting kit includes headlight bodies and rims, parking lights, turn signals, tail and stoplights, license plate lights, back-up lights, side marker lights and amber and red reflectors.  The installation of this kit allows the vehicle to meet the minimum requirements of the U.S. Vehicle Standard MV108.  VW wiring harness can be salvaged and used in the Manx SR.  However, the Wiring Loom Kit makes the job much easier and provides greater reliability along with providing circuitry for the extra safety lights.   The battery may be located either in the front compartment (for best weight distribution) or in the rear engine space.

    Generous wheel well space has been allotted for the use of large, low profile tires on the Manx SR.  The fender panels provide full legal coverage for all but the widest tires.  Maximum usable tire diameter in the rear wells is 28 inches, which will accommodate most tires that fit on 15 x 8-inch rims.  Maximum front tire diameter is 25 inches, for tires on 14 x 6-inch rims.  Virtually any type of tire may be used, so long as it fulfills safety and operation considerations.  Optional wheels in many sizes and configurations are available from B.F. Meyers dealers (see Meyers Manx Catalog).  As a guide to tire/wheel selection, No tire shoulder should protrude beyond the fender lip.

    Special kits and accessories for the Meyers Manx SR are listed here.   Additional items for the improvement of power, performance and appearance may be found in the regular B.F. Meyers

    All 13 body assembly components are included in the kit.  The body components are formed in color-impregnated fiberglass, and are ready for assembly.   Color choice is five standard and two metalflake finishes.  Interior and Targa top sections have a textured black finish.  Components included are left and right fenders, doors and door liners, hood, rear deck, body liner, dashboard, cowl panel, inner and outer top sections, and special Manx SR emblems.

    All the necessary pieces to assemble the Meyers Manx SR Basic Body kit to the shortened VW chassis.  Kit includes rear window, bumperettes, rubber moldings, door and hood hinges, release cables, spacers, hold-downs, brackets, braces, support and all the nuts, bolts and fasteners required.

    New lights and assemblies to equip the Manx SR to meet the legal minimum requirements.  1970 Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, No. MV108.  Includes 2 headlight assemblies and chrome trim rings.  2 parking and flasher light assemblies.  2 combination tail, stop and flasher light assemblies.  2 backup lights, 2 rear side marker lights, 2 red reflectors and 2 amber reflectors.

    Fully formed, extruded aluminum frame with black anodized finish to coordinate with black Targa top.  Flat safety glass windshield and sealing gasket are included.

    True sports car bucket seats with European styling and built-in headrests.  Seats have textured center-section overall covering in black vinyl for superior gripping and breathing qualities.  Sides have slots for seat belts.   These seats have been specially engineered for the Manx SR's low, long-reach, sports car style seating position.  They are complete with integral adjustment mechanisms that allow them slide-on installation on the existing VW seat rails.

    Compliment the Manx SR's handsome dash panel with a full set of six matching instruments, switches, and trim, useful console.  The special instrumentation includes tachometer, speedometer, fuel quantity, ammeter, oil temperature and oil pressure gauges, a clock and special holder, two long-handled toggle switches and a beautifully molded tunnel-top console (the clock mounts in the console).  All instruments have black faces with white numbers and red pointers for easy reading.   Instrument bezels are matte black.  Orders should include chassis year, engine type and 6 or 12 volt electrical system specification.

    Compete carpeting kit for the Manx SR interior.  Includes both front and rear carpets, and necessary fasteners.

    Specially shaped extractor exhaust system fits neatly under the Manx SR bodywork.  Tuned, equal-length extractors help VW engines with upright fan develop additional horsepower.  System produces pleasing power tone, yet 22-inch glass-pack muffler keeps down objectionable noise.  (Muffler system also available for Corvair installation.)

    An attractive accessory for the rear deck that doubles as a cover for installation of an extra-large carburetor or air cleaner.

    A fine, black vinyl covered steering wheel in the best sports car tradition.  Small, 13-inch diameter gives extra cockpit  room and quickens steering.  Complete with adapter kit.

    Complete the transformation of VW to sports car with a set of chromed, wide-rim wheels.  These are bolt-on replacements in the VW lug pattern, and each wheel includes a full set of chromed lug nuts.  Available popular 6 inch wide, 14 inch diameter size, or extra-large 8 x 15.

    Overall length, inches............... 142
    Overall height ..........................  48
    Overall width ..........................  65
    Wheelbase ...............................  80
    Track .......................................  54
    Passenger capacity ..................    2
    Est. curb weight, lb. ............. 1500